Why Choose Us

We act exclusively for the vendor, not the buyer.

There is always the temptation for agents – with high overheads and many unsold listings – to want to turn property over quickly.  This means far too many agents end up working for the purchaser, despite their legal obligation to the vendor.

At Sullivan Real Estate, we push for every possible dollar to the vendor’s advantage.  Nine times out of ten, when buyers say that’s all they’ve got, years of negotiations have taught us there is always more. 


We’re not a factory.

Choosing an independent agent can put you in the driver’s seat. At Sullivan Real Estate, every client is treated according to individual need. The fact that large franchises have many listings is a negative, not a positive, for a vendor. 

Mostly a person’s property is their largest asset and the agent’s personal attention and frequent communication is very important. It’s a simple equation: the more properties, the less time an agent has to focus on any one sale. And the more properties an agent has, the greater the pressure to turn them over quickly – which is not in a vendor’s best interests.


Our repeat and referral business is gold.

Sullivan Real Estate prides itself on its record – nearly all our business is from past clients or referred by past vendors.  That is both the result of how we have performed for our clients and also the driver of how we conduct our business.